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  • Decomposition of NH3 on Pd and Ir - Comparison with Pt and Rh 

    Papapolymerou, G.; Bontozoglou, V. (1997)
    The unimolecular decompositions of NH3 on polycrystalline wires and foils of Pd and Ir are examined and compared with the corresponding ones on Pt and Ph. The reactions were carried out in a differential flow reactor, at ...
  • Primary portal vein hypoplasia with portal hypertension in a young dog 

    Kasabalis, D.; Alatzas, D.; Alatza, D.; Petanides, T. A.; Alatzas, G.; Papazoglou, L. G.; Harley, R.; Mylonakis, M. E. (2014)
    A 5-month old Caucasian dog was presented with a 20-day history of abdominal distention along with inappetance, depression and vomiting of 24-hour duration. Physical examination findings included depression, ascites, mild ...