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  • Demo: Enabling AGILE spectrum adaptation in commercial 802.11 WLAN deployments 

    Keranidis, S.; Chounos, K.; Korakis, T.; Koutsopoulos, I.; Tassiulas, L. (2014)
    In this work, we present the AGILE Spectrum Adaptation system that is able to dynamically tune the channel central frequency and bandwidth of wireless links in an adaptive to the interference and trafic conditions way. The ...
  • FIJI: Fighting implicit jamming in 802.11 WLANs 

    Broustis, I.; Pelechrinis, K.; Syrivelis, D.; Krishnamurthy, S. V.; Tassiulas, L. (2009)
    The IEEE 802.11 protocol inherently provides the same long-term throughput to all the clients associated with a given access point (AP). In this paper, we first identify a clever, low-power jamming attack that can take ...
  • LAC: Load-aware channel selection in 802.11 WLANs 

    Athanasiou, G.; Broustis, I.; Korakis, T.; Tassiulas, L. (2008)
    Dense deployments of hybrid WLANs result in high levels of interference and low end-user throughput. Many frequency allocation mechanisms for WLANs have been proposed by a large body of previous studies. However, none of ...